Wednesday, January 12, 2011


THE capital of Karnataka, Bangalore is situated at a height of 290 meters from sea level and is among one of those cities which has included in it old and modern culture. Full of natural beauty, you can see clean roads and green trees along the roadside. The big buildings and decorated markets attract the tourists here.
The pollution free environment of the city is best for the heart patients. Beside an industrial city it Lalbagh famous is one of the clean city in the country.
by this name the garden was built 200 years earlier by Haider Ali. Separated in an area of 240 acres, the garden was developed later by Tipu Sultan. There are large number of varieties of different kinds of flowers and plants.
Kabban Park built in an area of 300 acres is known to be the heart of Bangalore. It was built in 1864 by the then Viceroy Lord Kabban. You can view different kinds of fishes in the diamond shaped aquarium here.
Parliament House made of Granite stones has various government offices. Made like a big temple, the 46 meters high building is one of the famous tourist places of Bangalore.
Fort of Tipu was built in 1537 by Kampogda is the symbol of golden history. This fort still contains the memories of the war between Tipu and Britishers.
Bangalore Palace is Bangalore's historical tourist place. Made in Tudor style this building matches with the England's Windsor Castle.
Pearl Valley a beautiful picnic spot is situated at a distance of 45 kilometers from Bangalore. The water falling from the height of 90 meters takes the shape of pearls when it falls below. That's why this place is called Pearl Valley.
The climate of the city is very pleasant. You can visit here any time.

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