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Bodhgaya, the cynosure of the Buddhist world upto the 13th century is one of the pilgrimage center in the world. The place is associated with the life of Gautam Buddha, the father of Buddhism. It is one of the most-visited tourist spots in India. Bodh Gaya is a place which should be visited by a person of devotion. The Tourist Attractions in Bodhgaya are famous not only in the country, but in the whole world also.
Tourist Spots:
Mahabodhi Temple:
The Mahabodhi Temple is located at the place where Lord Buddha was enlightened. The temple has a 50m (170 ft) tower. There are several other temples on this site. The intricately carved railings which are in the south and west of the temple,bears the stamp of ancient India. There is a huge statue of Buddha inside the temple along with the Siva-linga.
Budha bathed in the nearby Niranjana (now called Lilanja) River. The Niranjana River is about 250m east of the temple. Prince Siddharta crossed this river to reach the Bodhi tree.
Bodhi Tree:
It is that holy tree under which Buddha sat in his meditation & attained his 'Knowledge'. Under the tree is a red sandstone slab that is said to be the Vajrasana, the diamond throne on which Buddha sat and attained nirvana. The tree, located behind the temple is about 80 feet high.Can you guess its age? It is about 115 years old.
It is called the seat of stability. The stone platform is kept here.
This is the sacred spot of Buddha's meditative perambulations during the third week after his pious enlightenment.
Buddha spent one week here looking towards the great Mahabodhi Tree without twinkling his eyes.
It is believed that five colours came out of his body during his stay here.
The Mohanta's Monastery:
It is located right next to the Mahabodhi Temple. It is a Shaivite monastery. It is said that Adi Sankaracharya spent some days here.
Different Stupas:
There are a large number of stupas of all sizes in the courtyard of the Mahabodhi temple. Most of them which were built in the past 2500 years are elegant.
Sun Temple:
The temple is famous for its - chat festival - in the month of October-November.
Pretshila Hill:
It is the hill which overlooks a pond where people go for 'Pind Dan', performance of rites for departed souls. On top of the hill is the Ahilya Bai Temple, which has magnificent sculptures and the Barabar Caves.
Visitors come throughout the year to this great edifice of history.

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