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About Khulna
Positioned by the rivers Bhairab and Rupsha, Khulna forms the third-largest city in Bangladesh. Being the capital city of the Khulna district and the development of commercialism, this city is one of the notable tourist destinations in Bangladesh. The city of Khulna is well-linked to Dhaka by air, road, rail and even water. Several steamers and ships such as Osrich, Tern and Lepcha operate in the waterways. The nearest seaport is named Mongla which is located in the outskirts of the city.

Khulna in Bangladesh covers a portion of the largest delta in the world. To its south is the famous Sundarban area. Owing to its economic significance, this region has turned out to be a popular tourist hub in Bangladesh. There are numerous market places in Khulna. To name them are Khulna Shopping Complex, Picture Palace Market, Safe 'n' Save, Jalil Tower, Meena Bazar, Samrat Bazar, Bata Bazar and Khulna New Market. Ranging from department stores to small shops, these markets feature them all. The tourists can splurge in exclusive shopping spree in such areas.

The Sunderbans located near the Khulna region is a popular tourist attraction. It is the largest mangrove forest and features a marvelous ecological balance. It is home to a varied range of exotic wildlife. Rare species of birds and animals can be spotted in this region. The swampy area harbors several species of reptiles too. It is here where tourists can spot the renowned Royal Bengal Tiger. The Hiron Point, Katka, Tiger Point, Tin Kona Island and Dublar Char are the favored tourist spots in this region. The conservation and the preservation of the flora and fauna of the land is worth-noticing in here.

The presence of several schools, colleges and universities indicate to the fact that Khulna is a well-known center for learning and seat of cultural arts. To mention few of the schools and colleges are Khulna Model High School, Rotary School, Power Development Board High School, Crescent Secondary School, Rosedale International, Khulna Public School, Khulna Public College, Brajalal College and Khulna University.

The nearest airport is the Jessore Airport which is served by domestic airlines such as Biman Bangladesh Airlines and GMC Airlines. The road network is well-developed. The local transport includes rickshaws which are quite cheaper modes of transportation. The only bus stop in the city is the Sonadanga Bust Stand. Khulna also has a well-planned railway system. Water transport is also made available. The Barisal district is mainly connected to Khulna by means of water transport.

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