Tuesday, January 18, 2011


Kerala heralded as God's Own Country is a cute green strip of land in the south west part of India. It is nothing but a small beautiful land between the Deep Ocean and tall mountains. The main tourist attraction of Kerala state is nothing but its primeval greenery seen every where. Yeah it is green and green every where; natures gift to the country. Unlike most of the other states of India, in Kerala, you will not find much uninhabited or barren lands. Kerala is a densely populated state in India with 3.43% of the country's population.
Gifted with it salubrious climate, thick forests, enchanting backwaters, tranquil beaches and hill stations, Kerala is the most beautiful state in India. It rains heavily in Kerala from June to October. Those who love rain could visit Kerala during this time.Other seasons are so pleasant with no extrema climate.Kerala has very beautiful beaches like Kovalam and bewitching backwaters like Vembanad Lake on its accord. The Kerala backwater tour is the last thing a kerala tourist could miss. Kerala was famous for its spice export from the ancient time. It was in Kerala where the first European Navigator-Vasco De Gama Landed. The high ranges of Kerala have vast plantations of Tea, Coffee, Cardamom and other spices. Kerala midland area is renowned even internationally for its rubber plantations.
Breathtaking wild waterfalls and enchanting beaches surrounded with coconut groves and hills are the specialties of Kerala India. The panoramic view of Kerala is more than spell binding with its 44 rivers, beautiful beaches, tall mountains, dense virgin forests, beautifully deployed plantations, breathtaking waterfalls and vast backwaters. Kerala is famous for its worship places of all the sects and religions in India. You will find innumerable temples, mosques and Churches here. There are a few Jain, Buddhist temples and Jewish Synagogues also here.
Ayurveda treatment and massage centers are very common tourist attractions here in Kerala. An oil bath, Yoga and massage will relieve you of from your strains and rejuvenates you. This small land 'Kerala' is rich in the abundance of the variety of Flora and Fauna. The dense forest areas are having rich wild life. The state is rich in medicinal plants. Along with the blessings of the nature, Kerala has a wide variety of dance and art forms. Kerala is also the land of celebrations and festivals.

Kerala People 

Kerala is a developed state in terms of education, science, technology and living standards. Keralities have a cosmopolitan outlook. The Kerala people observe a very high standard of physical hygiene. You will not find language a barrier in Kerala.

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